Get Help. Bullying and Harassment Awareness.

Bullying and Harassment Awareness training helping a business take action against workplace bullying and harassment and create an organisational culture of respect for others.

This course aims to:

  • To raise awareness within the organisation of the important issues around bullying and harassment
  • To enable the organisation to move towards a positive organisational culture
  • To provide guidance on acting respectfully towards others
  • To provide guidance on challenging inappropriate behaviours
  • To give information on the availability of guidance and support

This course presents a difficult subject via plenty of interaction providing ample opportunity for delegates to discuss their own concerns around the subject.  A series of case studies are used to reinforce the learning, followed by brief demonstrations by the trainers of the skills being presented.  At the end of the course delegates will be encouraged to find opportunities during their workplace activities to try out the skills themselves when confronted with a variety of difficult situations. 

Course Content for managers/employees:

Culture Change

  • Costs to the organisation of unchallenged bullying and harassment.
  • Creating an organisational culture of respect for others.
  • An outline of the organisations policy and procedures.

Individual behaviours    

  • Respectful interpersonal behaviours in difficult situations for managers and non-managers.

Management of Inappropriate Behaviour

  • Defining 'Bullying' and 'Harassment'
  • What does not constitute Bullying and Harassment
  • Identifying Bullying and Harassment behaviours
  • Appropriate challenges when managers witness inappropriate behaviours  
  • Appropriate challenges when non managers witness inappropriate behaviours

Guidance and Support 

  • What guidance and support is available
  • How to obtain guidance and support

Benefits for Individuals

  • Individuals will be able to:
  • Use appropriate behaviours in interactions with others
  • Use listening skills effectively
  • Use assertiveness skills effectively
  • Identify the type of behaviours that may constitute bullying or harassment
  • Challenge inappropriate behaviours when witnessing them or being the subject of them
  • Obtain guidance and support for themselves and direct others to sources of guidance and support

 Benefits for the organisation 

  • Encouraging an organisational culture of respect resulting in greater harmony and cooperation
  • Improved interpersonal relationships
  • Improved staff retention