Get Involved. Regular Giving.

Regular Giving.

A monthly donation to Hospitality Action is your way of making an ongoing commitment to support some of the most vulnerable people in the industry.

Your regular gift will help us deliver one-off grants and ongoing assistance to those coming to terms with a life-changing event or illness.

Regular donations are easy for you to set up and they help us to plan for the future safe in the knowledge that committed supporters like you have got our backs. Of course, life can take an unexpected turn for anybody - and you can amend, pause or cancel your direct debit at any time.

How your donation helps.

Over the course of a year, a gift of £2 per month could help fund a School Uniform Grant to help kit out a hospitality child for the new school year. A generous gift of £10 per month would help fund an emergency grant to help a family keep a roof over their heads and food on the table after a sudden loss of income.

Whatever you choose to give, you'll be making a lasting difference to hospitality families.


Our newly-launched Regular Giving product uses up to date technology and replaces our previous Membership Programme. If you’d like to talk about Corporate Membership – click here.

Poppy’s Story

A comfy bed, curtains at the window to shut out the night time, a feeling of safety and the chance to dream of a better tomorrow. These are all things we take for granted.

For Poppy, her mum and her little brother life was already tough, then the pandemic struck. Poppy’s family is one of the thousands we helped during the crisis with a modest grant to help cover the basics that we all need in life to feel safe and secure.