Blog. Spotlight on: Imperial London Hotels

February 29, 2024 | Author: Giuliana Vittiglio

We are indebted to the countless individuals and organisations who devote their time, energy, and resources to uplift those we support. Today, we shine a spotlight on one such inspirational figure, Neil Braude, Chief Operating Officer, Imperial London Hotels, whose commitment to HA has touched countless lives.

Why do you support Hospitality Action?

As a seventh generation family hotel group family hospitality is at the core of everything we do. We see us having three families, our teams, our local community and our hospitality family. Hospitality Action provides crucial support to those experiencing financial, physical, or emotional difficulties, ensuring that our employees as well as our fellow industry members receive the assistance they need during challenging times. Our collaboration with Hospitality Action reflects our dedication to creating a positive impact and reinforcing the sense of unity that defines the vibrant and interconnected hospitality industry.

How have you supported Hospitality Action?

Our support for Hospitality Action encompasses both active engagement and financial contributions. Members of our team regularly attend volunteering events organised by Hospitality Action, such as the recent UKHospitality Luncheon (see photo), dedicating time and effort to directly contribute to the organisation's initiatives. Additionally, we’re actively involved in fundraising events and initiatives, such as Walk for Wellbeing, Invisible Chips, and various others.

Besides this, we have initiated internal fundraising events, such as the Staff Christmas Lunch, where our teams and our Board of Directors have raised donations to support our fellow hospitality colleagues, who found themselves in difficult situations. The most successful prize in the draw is always the additional week's holiday. We also support Hospitality Action by signing up to their Employee Assistance Programme.

By engaging in these events, we’ve not only raised awareness for the cause, but we have also enabled our teams to get involved in some amazing events that they have loved.

What do you think are some of the best features of our Employee Assistance Programme?

I believe that the Employee Assistance Programme is a remarkable tool in every aspect, which gives access to a diverse range of support services, addressing various aspects of employees’ wellbeing. The emphasis on confidentiality fosters a safe space to seek assistance without fear of judgment. One standout feature is the programme's versatility, focusing not only on traditional mental health services but also on recognising the diverse needs of  hospitality individuals, such as financial and legal assistance, which reflects an understanding that wellbeing extends beyond emotional health alone.

Not only is it an incredible resource for our team, but a great tool for our management team. When team members raise personal with their managers, they are not always best equipped to be able to answer all the questions or how to help. While we presently have 45 Mental Health First Aiders throughout the group, the Employee Assistance Programme stands out as a dedicated resource. Through involvement in this initiative, our managers and mental health first aiders gain increased comfort in addressing sensitive situations, as they have confidence in their ability to refer team members to a trusted source.

Have customers enjoyed seeing Invisible Chips on the menu?

The introduction of Invisible Chips has not only helped raise funds for Hospitality Action but has also helped to make our teams more aware of Hospitality Action. Our guests have not only enjoyed the novelty of ordering "Invisible Chips" but have actively embraced the opportunity to contribute to a meaningful cause. Therefore, the inclusion of this initiative has helped create a shared sense of purpose among customers, contributing to a more impactful connection with our community and the broader hospitality sector.

Would you encourage others to fundraise for Hospitality Action?

Absolutely, without a doubt, I would wholeheartedly recommend others to fundraise for Hospitality Action. We work in the most amazing industry with opportunities to really change lives and build careers. Unfortunately, it is not always positive stories, and especially the last few years have been tough for our industry and our great people. We are incredibly fortunate as an industry to have Hospitality Action where our people have access to the work that they do just because they are part of our hospitality family. The diverse range of programmes and assistance provided by HA underscores its importance, making it a cause worthy of widespread support and collective action. By all coming together and supporting this amazing charity, we can continue to strengthen the hospitality community and demonstrate what an incredible industry we are.


Heartfelt thanks to Neil and the entire team at Imperial London Hotels for their dedicated support. If your place of work can do the same, please get in touch.