Get Involved. Give as You Earn.

Your commitment to a brighter future for our industry.

A regular gift from your monthly salary is a great way to support Hospitality Action. It’s tax-efficient and seamless for you, and it gives us the security to plan ahead knowing that a certain level of income is guaranteed thanks to your generous commitment. A true win-win.

Setting up your payroll gift couldn’t be simpler; the Charities Aid Foundation have a simple online tool where you can calculate how much you’d like to give and set up your regular gift via their Give As You Earn scheme. They will even contact your employer to guide them through the process to set up your regular gift on their payroll system.

As a tax-deductible gift, it’s a great way to make your money go further. For example, a monthly gift of £10 to HA would cost a 40% rate taxpayer just £6 per month.

To get started simply visit or call 03000 123 000 quoting HA’s charity number 1101083.

Your gift could help Hospitality Action reach more hospitality people in need.

In just a year, your generous pledge of £10 per month could fund two family days out giving vital respite to families facing illness, poverty or the loss of a loved one.

Whereas £50 per month, the price of many unused gym memberships, could bail out a family in severe crisis - keeping a roof over their heads and hot food on the table while they come to terms with a life-changing incident such as escaping domestic abuse or a serious injury.

With a regular gift to Hospitality Action, everybody wins.