Get Help. Stress Awareness and Resilience.

Stress Awareness and Resilience Training: We live in difficult times and for some organisations this means ever increasing levels of stress leading to gradually lower productivity and engagement.

The capacity to turn adversity into possibility is known as resilience and this can be learned and developed.  HA provide flexible training packages designed to bolster the resilience of your organisation and its staff, equipping them with the tools to manage pressure, promote wellbeing and flourish in the face of the upheaval and change so common in today’s workplace. 

These interactive courses cover some of the following areas, representing the building blocks of resilient behaviour, delivered specifically for managers, specific teams or your entire workforce.

Those attending these learnings will take away enhanced awareness and a robust selection of tools, allowing them to take responsibility for managing their own wellbeing and resilience.


Course Content for managers/employees:

  • To develop and build resilient behaviour
  • Recognise early stage signs of stress
  • Create and increase the understanding of stress
  • Understand how stress impacts on those around us
  • How stress works, the effects on the body/brain
  • The difference between stress and pressure
  • Recognising your own triggers and vulnerabilities and learning how to diffuse them
  • Coping strategies
  • Create steps to change how stress is dealt with
  • Raising overall Stress Awareness in the workplace and equipping individuals/teams with strategies and tools to cope with this
  • Enhanced work performance and reduction in the level of Stress and possible absenteeism
  • Trauma and crisis management and the stress associated with this high risk area
  • Knowing when to refer to professional help
  • How to listen
  • Structured conversation