Get Help. Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid.

5 & 6 October 2022.



Become one of the first Hospitality Action qualified Mental Health First Aiders by completing our accredited 2 day programme.

The course is designed around practical skills and awareness to give you:

  • A deeper understanding of mental health and the factors that can affect people’s wellbeing, including your own.
  • Practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of mental health issues.
  • Confidence to step in, reassure and support a person in distress.
  • Enhanced interpersonal skills such as non-judgemental listening. 
  • Knowledge to help someone recover their health by guiding them to appropriate support.

Course Content.

MHFA doesn’t train you to be a therapist but to spot the signs if someone is experiencing a crisis and how to initially support them (just as a with physical first aid),

it also gives learners a knowledge around mental health stigma and illnesses including; Depression, Anxiety, Suicide , Self Harm, Eating Disorders and Psychosis.

MHFA takes a holistic person-centred approach to mental health and mental ill-health, it takes into account both the social model and medical model of mental illness. The skills learnt in MHFA can also come in useful when looking after your own wellbeing.

Those who attend the whole course become accredited Mental Health First Aiders and hold the qualification for 3 years as happens with a physical first aid courses.

Part 1

· Why Mental Health First Aid

· The Mental Health First Aid action plan

· What is mental health

· Impact of mental health issues

· Stigma and discrimination

· Depression – symptoms, risk factors

· Depression in the workplace

Part 2

· Suicide Figures

· Alcohol, drugs and mental health

· First Aid for suicidal crisis

· Non-judgemental listening skills

· First Aid for depression

· Treatment and resources for depression

· Self Care

Part 3

· Anxiety disorders

· First aid for anxiety disorders

· Crisis first aid after a traumatic event

· Treatment and resources for anxiety

· Cognitive distortions and CBT

· Personality disorders

· Self-Harm

Part 4

· What is psychosis?

· Psychosis – risk factors, alcohol and drugs

· Schizophrenia

· Bipolar disorder

· Warning signs of developing psychosis

· Crisis first aid for acute psychosis

· Treatment and resources for psychosis

· Recovery and building resources

· Action planning for using MHFA

Why choose Hospitality Action?

All of our content is designed specifically for the unique demands of the hospitality sector. We understand the challenges our industry can bring and we make sure our content is geared towards the operational reality of our fast-paced and demanding workplaces.

All delegates will have ongoing access to our 24/7 managerial advice services to ensure they can access our support whenever they need it.

About our trainer.

Emma Keeble, Group People Director Park Regis (and an EAP member)

"I am accredited to deliver online or face to face two day Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Workshops to adults. This is accredited from MHFA England and licensed by Public Health England. I trained in 2018 as a Mental Health First Aider and took the Instructor Training in 2021, this involved a mixture of home learning, assessments and workshops with plenary sessions, over a two month period to give me the skills to become comfortable to train and give me a more in depth knowledge around mental health and mental ill health. I then had to co-deliver my first 2 sessions with a peer to ensure I was fully equipped with the skills to deliver."