Blog. Spotlight on: The Society of the Golden Keys of Great Britain and the Commonwealth.

January 29, 2024 | Author: Giuliana Vittiglio

Here at Hospitality Action, we are fortunate to work in partnership with hundreds of operators, suppliers and institutional funders who want to recognise the joy hospitality brings to their lives. We have worked alongside countless industry associations for many years, but none so long as our histrionic partnerships with The Society of the Golden Keys of Great Britain and the Commonwealth. Ahead of The Society's Annual Gala Dinner this weekend (Saturday 3rd February) we caught up with President Toru Machida. 

Tell us a little about The Society of the Golden Keys of Great Britain and the Commonwealth.

We are a friendly association of hotel concierge who are affiliated to the Union Internationale des Concierges d’Hotels – Les Clefs d’Or®. Our members can be easily recognised with our emblem of two golden crossed keys on our lapels. In the modern digital world where information is overflowing and is rather confusing, your friend who is a local expert in your travel destination can be trusted more than anyone. Les Clefs d’Or Concierge is your friend guests can talk to prior to, during and post travel. We make the best recommendations tailored to our guests using our first-hand knowledge and can open every door in London and beyond using our unique connections that we have nurtured and developed over the years.

Why does The Society support Hospitality Action?

Although jobs in hospitality can be both physically and mentally challenging, we do this as we are all passionate about hospitality. However, it gets difficult when challenges arise in our personal lives such as illness, family problems, financial difficulties and many other issues. Hospitality Action is there to help them when they need help, advice and support. We are very proud to be a supporter of Hospitality Action and to be supporting our struggling colleagues for decades gone by. 

How have you fundraised in the past?

The Gala is the biggest event of our society and we raise money through auctions and raffles. This has been possible only because of the kindness and the generosity of our members, our members' hotels, and Business Affiliates who donate fabulous prizes every year.

What does the future hold for The Society?

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. And Concierge has never been more important to our international travellers as Les Clefs d'Or Concierge are the differentiators to enhance their experience. We also invest our time every year on training, educating, and developing young talents to become future members of society. Our future has never been brighter.


Heartfelt thanks to all at The Society of the Golden Keys of Great Britain and the Commonwealth's wonderful support. If your place of work or industry association can do the same, please get in touch.