Get Involved. Guest Fundraising.

£1 On The Bill, Special Dishes or Menus for Hospitality Action

By adding a discretionary 50p or £1 per cover to diners’ bills or even nominating a special dish, you’ll be amazed by how much you can raise for Hospitality Action.

Diners are presented with a leaflet along with their bill which explains who HA are, the work they do and why it’s important to help. Staff are trained to engage with guests to talk about HA’s work.

It’s a simple, low-impact and un-intrusive way to raise funds

We suggest that you include a short message on menus in the same way as you present any information about service charges. We will also provide a co-branded flier with your logo and our call-to-action messaging to be attached to each bill.

The campaign should also be mentioned on websites and social channels to promote the restaurant’s participation and commitment to the wellbeing of the industry.

Donations are recorded via EPOS systems and consolidated monthly with HA invoicing the restaurant for the amount raised in the month.

Donations don’t just have to be limited to bill round up. You could have a special dish, signature cocktail or menu which includes a donation to Hospitality Action. By regularly changing the special dish you can create interest and conversation with your customers and staff.

Why it works

Most diners are happy to donate a small amount in addition to service charges to help with a charitable cause. It’s also unobtrusive and removing the donation from the bill is simple and hassle-free.

It’s a great conversation starter with guests. Many foodies are intrigued by the restaurant or hotel industry and making a small donation gives them a sense of being closer to the world they admire.

It’s a simple mechanic which can be easily accommodated and recorded as part of normal cash/payment handling procedures.

Participating restaurants have a great message to take to their customers and staff.

The idea also works for cloakrooms, car parks or even late-night room service orders. Think outside the box and you’ll be amazed at what you can come up with.

How do I get involved?

Contact the team with details of your restaurant, logo and how much you’d like to add to each bill (in total or per cover) and we’ll produce appropriate collateral.

We’ll also promote your participation on our social media channels and during our regular fundraising emails.