Get Involved. Fundraising Materials.

Need help with your fundraising? We’ve got you.

From cycling to skydiving to simply adding a small donation to diners’ bills - there are so many ways to support our work and so many reasons to do so. Supporting HA is a great way to bring your team together and demonstrate your support to the wider wellbeing of the industry.

In this section you’ll find ideas and resources to help your fundraisers go off without a hitch.

Whatever you’re thinking of doing the best first step is to get in touch with us. We’re here to provide information, support and enthusiasm to help you smash your fundraising target.

If you’re nominating HA as your charity of the year we can provide case studies and even come and present to your team to bring your fundraising to life.

If you’re planning a campaign which includes your customers such as nominating a special drink, dish or menu for HA, we can provide collateral to add to your menu, website and social media.